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Public education is a right available to all young people of school age in Montgomery County. It is provided at considerable expense to parents and other citizens of the county. 

Student attendance is a cooperative effort among schools, parents, and students. To achieve optimum learning, good attendance by students K-12 is crucial. Tardies (check-ins) and early dismissals (checkouts) are disruptive to the instructional time of the entire class. Each parent or guardian is responsible for the student’s regular and punctual attendance. 

Regular class attendance is considered by the Montgomery County School Board to be essential to the educational process and to the satisfactory completion of the requirements of any class and subject offered. Regular school attendance also is directly related to the development of good habits, which are important in the world of work and in higher education. A ninety-five percent (95%) or better attendance rate is the goal. 

School personnel shall recognize their responsibilities to motivate students to attend school and to conduct the curriculum in such a manner as to provide for the individual needs of students. Nothing in this policy shall be construed to limit in any way the authority of any attendance officer or the division superintendent to seek immediate compliance with the compulsory attendance law.