Natalie Gibbs

Hello, my name is

Natalie Gibbs

natalie gibbs

I am the music teacher at Belview.  I see all of our students twice a week for music class.  I also teach Ukulele Club, Broadway Bees, and Honeycomb Choir.

I graduated from John S. Battle High School in Bristol, VA, class of 1999.  I earned my Bachelor of Arts in music and English from Virginia Tech (go Hokies!) and finished my Master of Arts in music from Radford University in 2014.  

I love teaching at Belview because it is such a supportive community, and everyone loves to learn and share.  

Virtual Open House Link
Practice videos for our performance on March 24.  

Students may wear pajamas for this program and may bring a stuffed animal and (small, baby-sized) blanket from home!

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Want to play STAFF WARS on your Chromebook?  Follow this link (and click to allow flash plug-ins).  Remember to choose the correct clef, and it might be helpful to adjust the RANGE to notes we've practiced (click it 4 times for regular lines and spaces ON the staff).

Follow this link to a Google Doc of fun websites designed for creating your own music.  They are free and accessible from home or school.  Take a look!