Service Learning

December 2014 Service Learning Survey
What is Service Learning?
65 Ways to Make a Difference
Playground Shade: an example of service learning at a school
Adopting Trees: another service learning example

First Meeting (9/24/13)

The first meeting at service learning was very interesting. We got to meet three of the Virginia Tech students, and we also got to talk about what we would like to accomplish and even what we would like to be when we grow up. 4th and 5th grade students came up with lots of great ideas of ways we could help the community like: cleaning up trash, painting the play ground, reading to younger students and lots more great ideas.

Second Meeting (10/1/13)

This week in service learning was a lot of fun, we played a game called ice breaker where you get a character's name written on a paper and taped on your back. We got to walk around asking questions and answering them until we guessed who was on our back. This game brought lots of laughs and exitement. We also started to go down the list of ways we wanted to help out the comunity and narrow it down to some of the things we wanted to do later on and we decided that our first projects that we wanted to do was to have a janitor help staff, paint a mural out in the courtyard and learn a math game to teach to the second graders!