About BES

About Belview Elementary School

Belview Elementary School is located in Montgomery County on Route 114, a main rural thoroughfare that connects the nearby towns of Christiansburg and the City of Radford. Institutes of higher learning in the area are New River Community CollegeRadford University, and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Students attending Belview come from a variety of educational and economic backgrounds. Their parents work in the nearby Radford Army Ammunition Plant, in privately owned factories and businesses, in higher education and some are self-employed.

Belview Elementary maintains a beautiful community playground!  Through a variety of fundraising and volunteer events involving the community, we enjoy a fabulous playground facility where students at school and the community engage in recreation. 

Both school and community work cooperatively to provide an appropriate educational opportunity for all students.  Belview partners with Radford University to place R.U. student interns majoring in Education in classrooms.  This program provides a wonderful exchange of professional development opportunities as well as additional hands, feet, and minds to support our students and studies. 

Our stakeholders collaborate and work as a team to provide high quality experiences enabling students to develop intellectually, personally, socially, and physically.  This includes implementation of safety procedures, PTA involvement engaging parents and the community, and ensuring that high academic standards are in place to meet the Virginia Standards of Learning.  




In the Belview Elementary School community we expect to learn and learn to expect the best from ourselves and others.



Our community of learners - administration, faculty, staff, parents, students and community - strives to promote intellectual, academic, aesthetic, social, physical and ethical development of each student by:

  • Helping to develop a positive self-concept within each student,
  • Providing a safe, comfortable, and friendly atmosphere that is conducive to learning,
  • Encouraging logical thinking, creativity, and decision making by the student,
  • Promoting mastery of basic skills in all subject areas,
  • Providing learning experiences that meet the individual needs of the student,
  • Helping to develop character by emphasizing honesty, courage, respect, compassion and responsibility within our teaching and learning,
  • Encouraging professional and personal growth of the staff that will enhance teaching capabilities,
  • Supplementing academic and social activities in school by using community resources and parent volunteers,
  • Holding an expectation that families will be actively involved in children’s education.


Belview Elementary School was opened in September 1953. The building consisted of seven classrooms, a library, and a three room office suite. A multi-purpose room and kitchen were added in 1962.

The fall of 1983 brought the addition of two new classrooms to be occupied by the first grades. Seven mobile units were added over the years. Two units of kindergarten opened in the fall of 1973 in a newly constructed open space facility adjoining the main building.

The name Belview was derived from the names of the three small schools that were consolidated into one unit, namely Belmont, Vicker and Walton.

Opening in the fall of 1980 were ten classrooms, and a new library-media center. Mobile units are no longer needed. A stage has been added to the front of the multi-purpose room, and the office area has been renovated to provide additional space.