Natalie Gibbs


We are performing at Squires Student Center, Virginia Tech, in the Recital Salon.  Concert starts at 3:00 pm and is $5 each.  Plan at least 10-15 minutes for parking!  In Blacksburg, you often have to drive around a while to find a space.  Parking meters should be free on Sundays and most faculty/staff spaces are okay on weekends. There is parking along the street, in the Squires lot, in the architecture annex lot (the following lot after Squires on Otey St), and along Alumni Mall behind Squires.  There is also a parking garage a few blocks away off of Draper Rd.  

Broadway Bees meet in the Recital Salon to practice on the risers at 1:30.  

Ukulele Club meet in the Recital Salon to tune and practice on the risers at 2:00.  Bring your ukulele from home.

Both groups wear your club shirts and jeans or black pants.  Hair pulled back, and safe riser shoes (no heels or flip flops).

1. Take Pepper's Ferry over to Price's Fork Road towards Blacksburg.
2. Stay on Price's Fork until you go past campus to the big traffic circle.  Turn right onto North Main Street.
3. Go down the hill and turn right at the light onto College Avenue.  
4. College Avenue runs past some shops, past Draper Rd, and then by Squires and the Squires parking lot.  Students should go in the small glass doors on the SIDE of Squires, facing Henderson Hall and across from Top of the Stairs.  
5. When you get inside these doors, Old Dominion Ballroom will be on your right.  Go up the stair case and the Recital Salon is on your left.  There is a backstage door downstairs as well.  
6. If you find yourself going in the BIG glass doors in the front of Squires, you'll see a lobby and an elevator.  Walk to your right and you'll see the staircase by Old Dominion ballroom.
6. If you run into any issues, text the Remind101 line.  I will have my phone with me but may not hear it right way if we're rehearsing, so keep trying! 

Search "Squires Student Center" on Google Maps or CLICK HERE.

Hello, my name is

Natalie Gibbs.

natalie gibbs

I am the music teacher at Belview.  I see all of our students twice a week for music class, and see many of them after school as well for Ukulele Club, Broadway Bees, and Honeycomb Choir.

I committed to graduate from John S. Battle High School in Bristol, VA, class of 1999.
I earned my Bachelor of Arts in music and English from Virginia Tech (go Hokies!) and finished my Master of Arts in music from Radford University in 2014.  

I love teaching at Belview because it is such a supportive community, and everyone loves to learn and share.  

Follow this link to a Google Doc of fun websites designed for creating your own music.  They are free and accessible from home or school.  Take a look!

YouTube INCLUDES ADS THAT PLAY AUTOMATICALLY BEFORE MANY VIDEOS.  We do not choose these ads and do not have a way to monitor their content or remove them from the videos.  The videos are still very helpful for the purposes of practicing and sharing music at home.  Please supervise children when they watch videos online and be prepared to mute any ads you wish. 

Kindergarten PTA Practice Playlist
Click the link above to practice your songs for the PTA program on April 6.  We will sing at 6 pm.  Meet in your rooms at 5:45.

Ukulele Club Practice Playlist
A tuning video for soprano AND baritone, some advanced strumming and picking, and eventually, our performance music.  Take a look and practice when you can!