Natalie Gibbs

Hello, my name is

Natalie Gibbs.

natalie gibbs

I am the music teacher at Belview.  I see all of our students twice a week for music class.  I also teach Ukulele Club, Broadway Bees, and Honeycomb Choir.

I graduated from John S. Battle High School in Bristol, VA, class of 1999.  I earned my Bachelor of Arts in music and English from Virginia Tech (go Hokies!) and finished my Master of Arts in music from Radford University in 2014.  

I love teaching at Belview because it is such a supportive community, and everyone loves to learn and share.  
Practice videos for our performance on March 24.  

Students may wear pajamas for this program and may bring a stuffed animal and (small, baby-sized) blanket from home!

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Want to play STAFF WARS on your Chromebook?  Follow this link (and click to allow flash plug-ins).  Remember to choose the correct clef, and it might be helpful to adjust the RANGE to notes we've practiced (click it 4 times for regular lines and spaces ON the staff).

Follow this link to a Google Doc of fun websites designed for creating your own music.  They are free and accessible from home or school.  Take a look!