Space Camp 2016

Belview Space Camp 2016
Rising 2nd-5th graders, with the assistance of rising 6th-7th graders,
have explored many aspects of the solar system and beyond. Mixed-age
groups visited four stations daily, with a focus on the planets, stars,
Earth's moon, and the sun. 

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 Julia & Katelynn's Video
William & Brodie's Green Screen Video
Scaredy Squirrel, Fox & Friends Green Screen Video 
 Sam & Billy's Sun Video
 Richard & Jeremiah's Green Screen Video
Abby F., Dallas, & Friends' Sun Video 
 Dallas, Billy, & Sam's Green Screen Video
Kelly, Micah, & Nathan's Video 
Makayla, Molly, Macie, & Emma's Video 
 Harjot & Chloe's Green Screen Video
 Evan, Carson, & Andrew's Green Screen Video